TRIO iPlanters MicroGreens Kit 芽苗菜套具

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IPlanters MICROGREENS Kit is to grow and harvest Microgreens in a neat and tidy environment. The holes beneath the columns are designed specially for microgreens growing to enable well water drainage and roots to grow through. The unique design of six columns enable different microgreens to be planted at once. This kit can be placed indoor or outdoor and it is re-use-able. Seed sowing and sprouting crop can be use in this kit.


– Food grade polypropylene (PP) Plastic

– Odourless and re-use-able

8. 6 Columns to grow different Microgreens

9. Mini holes for water drainage and root growth


1. 6 column Tray with holes

2. Trough

3. Germination soil (1 L)

Label size 32 x 22cm x 6cm

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How to use/种植方法/ Cara mengguna

1. Pour in Germination soil onto the tray. Compress lightly.


Tuangkan tanah semaian ke dalam bekas semaian dan memampatkannya.

2. Lay the seeds generously on top of the soil,sprinkle with water 2 -3 times daily.


Letakkan benih ke atas tanah semaian,semburkan air 2-3kali setiap hari.

3. Cover the tray for the first 2 days.


Tutupkan pada hari pertama dan kedua.

4. Remove the cover as soon as the seeds germinate.


Alihkan penutup selepas benih bercampah.

5. Place the kit either near the window sill, balcony or outdoor with indirect sunlight.


Letakkan bekas semaian di tempat pengudaraan yang baik dan cerah.

6. Harvest by snipping off with scissors. Enjoy the freshly harvest MicroGreens.


Guntingkan MicroGreens yang matang, nikmati MicroGreens yang segar dan lazat.

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