iPlanter Hydrophonic Set

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Trio iPlanters Hydroponic Set is a hydroponic wick system. It is also known as still water hydroponic System where the water does not move. The media will absorb the nutrients from the trout to feed the plants.


  • Trough
  • Cover (8 holes)
  • 8 Net pots
  • 8 Peat Disc
  • Nutrient Solution A
  • Nutrient Solution B
  • Seeds

How to Use

Part A (Peat Disc)

  1. Soak Peat Disc in water until expansion reaches maximum(about 5 minutes).
  2. Gently squeeze Peat Disc inward to slightly loosen the media and place into net pot.
  3. Place seeds into Peat Disc hole.

Part B (Water Trout)

  1. Fill water 1 inch below the rim of the trout (Approx 20L).
  2. Place cover on top and insert net pots into holes.
  3. After week 2, pour Triobaja solution A and solution B into trout accordingly and stir evenly. (Refer to instructions on fertilizer bottle).


  • Always ensure that the water level is within the net pot level.
  • When water level is down, refill water with the nutrient solutions.


  • Cover for the first few days after sowing to quicken germination.
  • First 2 weeks of planting, 0.5EC
  • Thrid week onwards, 1EC