Trio Growmate Garden Pumice 花园浮石

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• Soil Aeration and Drainage
• Medium for Soil-free Planting

GROWMATE GARDEN PUMICE is a material of magma formed from lava with one unique property of having bubbled holes. The bubbles form as the lava explodes and as the lava cools and hardens, bubbles are trapped in side. The bubbles become absorber for moisture and nutrients. It is suitable to use as an aggregate in soil mixtures or as a medium in soil-free planting.

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• Excellent aeration and good drainage

• pH Neutral

• Easy to control nutrients

• Does not decay, host fungi & insects

Using GROWMATE Garden Pumice

• For mixture – Mix in 4 – 5 tablespoons of garden pumice for every 5 – 7 Liters of potting mix or growing medium


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