Growmate Peat Cup

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Growmate Peat-cup is an environmental friendly product that is made of coconut fibre. Its unique design enables it to be filled with planting medium for growing plants from seeds or cuttings, and thereafter when roots begin to spread to the sides of the cup, the entire cup can be transferred into a bigger pot or soil bed. The cup will integrate into the soil and provide nutrients to the plant.

Packaging Size

8h x 15cm

  • 16 cups – 2 “
  • 9 cups – 3 “
  • 12 cups – 3.25″


  • Easy and convenient
  • Tidy and mess-free
  • Protect roots from damage
  • Environmental friendly
  • Bio-degradable

How to use

  1. Fill cups with germination soil or peat moss
  2. Put seeds or cuttings into the cup
  3. When roots appear on the sides of the cup, put the entire cup into a bigger pot or soil bed, and fill in with potting mix
  4. Water sufficiently after the process