The GrowMate range is a series of planting media and soil complement, covering single ingredient compound to more complex mixes for soils.

GrowMate Perlite

For soil aeration and drainage

GrowMate Vermiculite

For soil aeration as well as moisture and nutrient retention

GrowMate Zeolite

Soil conditioner

GrowMate Peat Pot

Germination Tablet

GrowMate SmartWater

Moisture retention in the soil, minimizes drought.

GrowMate LecaBall

For soil aeration, drainage, mulching

GrowMate Bark Flakes

For use as soil mulching, root holding, decorative medium and soil mixture

GrowMate Dolomite Lime

For use as soil pH adjustor

GrowMate Bio-Char

For use as soil conditioning

GrowMate Garden Pumice

Eco-friendly soil conditioner for aeration and drainage. Suitable for soil-free planting

GrowMate Eazy Mix

3-in-1 Soil for repotting, transplant and bedding

GrowMate BioCompost

For use as soil potting mix and an excellent organic nutrient enhancer

GrowMate Cocopeat

All purpose growing media in two sizes: block (5kg) and briquette (650gm)

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