Triobaja Water Soluble High N 65

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65 High N 30:10:10+TE Greening

– Suitable for green plants and lawn

This formula is blended with higher levels of Nitrogen. This encourages greener leaves, brighter lawns and stem growth.

Note: Over application can potentially burn the leaves or lawn.

This fertilizer is also good for Hydroponic planting (Mix 5g into 10L trough water).

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The main difference between water soluble fertilizers over its granular version is that it can be applied through irrigation systems, as a foliar spray or in base application (watering can).

How to use

– Mix 10 – 15 gm of water soluble fertilizer to 4 liters of water

– Spray on leaves or flower, or

– Water on soil surface with a watering can

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