TRIOBaja Active Controlled Release Fertilizer Lawn & Garden AC28

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  • Lawn & Garden AC28 / Baja Rumput/ 草坪专用肥
  • 90 DAYS
  • ‘TRIO’ Logo
  • N20 P4: K20
  • +Trace Element and Beneficial Microbes
  • Suitable for lawn and Landscape Garden
  • Sesuai untuk rumput rampai
  • 适合草坪专用
  • 500g

– TriobajaActive Controlled Release Fertilizer Lawn & Garden AC28

–  Description

Triobaja Active Controlled Release Lawn & Garden fertilizer has the capability of releasing the nutrients to the plants gradually within 90 days. The controlled release has a bio-degradable coating which is harmless to the soil. Beneficial microbes are added in the fertilizer to enhance the structure, strength and performance of the overall fertilizer usage.  This formula is well suited for lawn and landscape maintainance.



  • Apply once every 3 months and

Lawn area 1sq/m = 2 tablespoon