Triobaja Active Controlled Release Fertilizer All Purpose AC25/ Baja Kawalan Lepas Baja Am / 控释肥料全通用肥 90 Days

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– N14 P14: K14

– +Trace Element and Beneficial Microbes

– Suitable for plant maintainance and general application

o Sesuai untuk kesemua tanaman

o 适合所有种植物


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Triobaja Active Controlled Release All Purpose fertilizer has the capability of releasing the nutrients to the plants gradually within 90 days. The controlled release has a bio-degradable coating which is harmless to the soil. Beneficial microbes are added in the fertilizer to enhance the structure, strength and performance of the overall fertilizer usage. A well balanced nutrient is suitabhle for general plant maintainance.


– Apply once every 3 months

– Pot Size 15cm> = 1 teaspoon

– Pot Size 15cm – 23cm = 1 tablespoon

– Pot Size 23cm – 30cm = 2 tablespoon

– Pot Size 30cm< = 3 tablespoon - Bedded crops 1sq/ft = 3 tablespoon

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