TRIO Garden Repella Weed Remover 除草宝 TRIO Garden Repella Pencegah lalang

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– Weed Remover in Gardens

– Ready-to-use


Garden Repella Weed is a natural product with no harmful chemical processing or additives to repel weeds or leaves in gardens. This formula is put together with the capability to clear weeds out and is designed for immediate use.

Ingredients: Extract of Wood Vinegar and Soap (Japan Formulation)


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Shake well before use.

Spray on the weeds

Spray on the board leaves weeds


DO NOT apply on marble surfaces and clothing

Spraying on the leaves of grasses may dry them out

Keep in a cool and dry place

Keep out of reach of children and pets

If swallowed by accident, please drink lots of water or consult a doctor immediately.

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