TRIO Bermuda Grass seed 100g

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Bermuda grass is a fine stoloniferous perennial. Foliage is dense with leaf blades sparsely pubescent. Widely used in permanent pastures and valuable for soil conservation, as a turf and cover crop in plantations. Grows well on a wide range of soils that is well drained with near neutral ph levels. Designed with good tolerance of salinity and perfect for areas with heavy rainfall with maximum exposure to sunlight.

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Planting Directions

1. Prepare planting area as follows:

a. Clear planting area of pebbles, stones and insects.

b. Flatten/even out planting area

c. Water planting area sufficiently.

2. Spread seeds over the planting area evenly.

3. Gently water twice a day.

Others information

– 100gm of seeds coverabout 80sq.meters(85sq ft)

– Seeds start germinating within one week

– Ideal for areas full with sun and warm temperature.

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