Growmate LecaBALL



GROWMATE LecaBALL is a lightweight, expandable clay aggregate that is soil-free. Suitable for mixing with ultrapeat or aerolite for plant stabilization.

225 gm


  • Soil Aeration and Drainage
  • Soil Mulching
  • Pot Decoration


  • Encourages healthier growth
  • Reduces root decay
  • Maintains moisture level in soils
  • Inhibits the growth of algae and fungi
  • Promotes soils retention

Using Growmate LecaBALL

  • For Mulching
    Clear weeds from potted plants/soil bed. Place LecaBALL on top of soil and level off at 5 cm thick
  • As a Mix
    Mix in with potting mixes/growing media at a ratio of 1:9 by volume
  • Use in hydroponics
  • Use in terraniums