Fertilizer : Water Soluble

TrioBaja’s selection of water soluble fertilizers can be used as a foliar spray or in a drip system. Foliar is to be diluted with water and sprayed on to leaves,soil or plants with exposed root system like certain variety of orchids. One advantage of foliar is the efficiency of absorption that can reach 90%.

Uses: The main difference between water soluble fertilizers over its granular versions is that this can be applied through irrigation systems, as a foliar spray or in base application (watering can).

Water Soluble Equal NPK 63

All purpose plant food. Suitable for most plants including tropical Orchids.

Water Soluble High N 65

Promotes lush green leaves in plants and garden lawn.

Water Soluble High PK 67

This formula is blended with higher levels of phosphorus and potassium. This encourages the development of firmer and better quality plans. Improves flower production.

Water Soluble High K 68

Increases root growth and protein content of plants. Helps in disease resistance and aids the enzymes promoting plant life.

Water Soluble High P 69

Encourages more bloom and stimulate growth. This is formulated for better plant growth, more flowers, richer fruit yield and a stronger root system.

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