Vegetable Seeds


Prefers full sun but tolerates part shade. Use well drained potting soil and water thoroughly. Feed the plant with liquid seaweed based fertilizer every 2 weeks.

Pumpkin (Labu Lemak)

Growing pumpkin for Halloween is the best way to get kids interested in gardening. Suitable to grow in a warm environment. Use manure such as dried poultry manure as a great source of nutrient for the plant.


Performs better in container gardening (pots). Prefers shady moist pots and rich well-drained soil. Water evenly and don’t let soil dry out. When plant approaches maturity, reduce watering so the roots don’t split.

Pak Choy

Fast maturing and shallow rooting , great for container gardening (pots). Requires average watering but prefers full sun. Fertilize every 2 weeks.

Bitter Gourd (Peria)

A very nutritious vegetable, especially for diabetic patients. Soak seeds in water for a day before sowing. Survive in humid climates. Climbing plant, make a trellis by using wood poles as this will give the plant something to climb on.

Petolah Segi

Known as Angle Loofah , a favourite with Thai dish. Generally grown on a trellis. The plant requires only little water but regular watering is essential.

Salad Lettuce

Grow well in sunny or partly shaded spot, mix the soil with garden compost. Easy to grow in containers or window boxes. Fertilize the vegetable every 2 weeks and water twice a day, will promote tasty salads in your garden.


Plant them in potting soil well worked with good drainage. Keep the soil moist but not water logged. All of the parts of the plant are edible. Good for Chinese stir fries and soups.

Green Stalk (Choy Sum)

Fast maturing and vigorously in temperate climates, likes sandy loam with lots of compost. Use liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

Pak Choy Green

Prefers warm climates and resistant to heat, easy to manage but be sure to water regularly and feed the plant with fertilizer.


Prefers full sun with a soil PH of 6. 5. Apply compost and well rotted manure prior to planting.Regular feeding of fertilizer high in organic matters for good root development.


Great gardening hobby for children, needs lots of space, water and sun. Start with a peat pot. They need full sun to grow. Keep the soil moist at all times.


Grow best in well drained soil. Early watering is essential during early growth. Once the plants are well established, watering every 2 days is sufficient. Fertilize the plant every 10 days with a liquid fertilizer.


Requires sunny spot protected from strong wind. Use rich and well drained soil. Be sure to keep the soil moist and water around the plants opposed to watering on the cucumber plant.


Requires a warm condition between 75 – 85 degree to start germinating.Use good potting soil and not ordinary garden soil when planting. Feed with liquid fertilizer made from seaweed extract or special tomato plant food.


Start with a peat pot for germinating seeds.Grow in warm weather. Soak seeds overnight before planting. This is a long lived perennial vegetable crop.

Spinach (Bayam)

Plant on well drained soil with a neutral PH. Grows very quickly. Use fertilizer high in nitrogen will encourage dark, healthy leaves. Fish emulsions are good organic plant food for most vegetables.

Bottle Gourd

Soak seeds for 12 hours in warm water to assist in germination. Do prepare a trellis wire climbing structure to eventually hold these climbing vines. Fertilize every 2 weeks.

Chinese Cabbage

Best start with containers (peat pellets, pots).Maintain sufficient soil moisture to encourage plant to grow vigorously. Fertilize with liquid seaweed extract every 2 weeks.

Cili Padi

Prefers well drained potting soil and kept under warm conditions. Use liquid fertilizer such as fish emulsion every 2 weeks.

Red Chilli

For new gardeners, use a peat pot to germinate the seeds. To maintain growth, use plant nutrient high in nitrogen. Mist the plant regularly to keep down garden pests and encourage fruit set. Use additional tomato plant food in liquid form when fruits and flower appear to provide additional nutrient.

Daun Sup

Needs a rich well dug soil which does not dry out too often. Likes full sun and high temperature to germinate.Feed every 2 weeks with a liquid plant food.The soil must be kept moist at all times.

Egg Plant

Prefers loose, sandy soil with organic materials (peat moss) and compost. Requires heavy watering and fertilize every 3 weeks. Mature plants may need staking to help them stand especially when they have fruits.

Sweet Corn

Needs a large space to grow.Sow seeds directly into the ground and do not use pots or trays which can be difficult to transplant.Provide plenty of water and feed the plant with liquid fertilizer.

Ladies Finger

Very easy to grow and quick maturation.Needs full sun and enjoys the humid climate.Water frequently and use liquid fertilizer.

French Beans

Use good potting soil, loosen the soil for easy drainage.Water well when you plant. Don’t let the soil dry out completely. Fertilize every 2 weeks.

Angle Bean

Grow in full sun and heat tolerant. This is a climbing vegetable plant, prepare a trellis when fruits start to appear. Fertilize every 2 weeks.

Long Beans

Will survive extreme humidity and heat. Use good potting soil enriched with organic compost or dried manure. Place poles and give wire or twine support as it is a long trailing vine usually grown on poles.Needs heavy watering at regular intervals.


Known as water spinach, this plant is not too fussy about the quality of soil.Requires plenty of sunshine and lots of water. Seedlings emerge within a week or even less.

Kai Choy

Known as Oriental Mustard, grows well on well drained soil with a good moisture holding capacity. For plant nutrient,use organic liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks.

Broccoli (Kai Lan)

Better known as Chinese Kale. Needs full sun and good well drained potting soil. Water well and use liquid seaweed extract or fish emulsion fertilizer every 2 weeks.

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