A special self-dripping concept liquid fertilizer in small plastic bottles, it comes in 5 different variants as pictured below. These perfect ready to use formula for indoor/half shaded plants are convenient and clean.

Tube-Tube Flowering

Perfect formula for flowering indoor plants.

Tube-tube Leaves and Fern

Great for indoor ferns or elegant palm variety.

Tube-tube General Growth

If you can’t decide on any of the choices available, safe bet to use this variant for your indoor plants as this is a multi–purpose formula.

Tube-tube Fish Emulsion Formula

A very organic formula made from fish extracts and recommended for all indoor plants.

Tube-tube Poultry Manure

Another organic variety made from processed poultry manure, great nutrient for growing vegetables in a pot or any other indoor plants.

How to use:-
a) Break the tiny extended tip from the bottle by twisting the tip.
b) Push the exposed tiny tip into the soil and leave it there until the liquid nutrient has been completely exhausted into the soil.
c) Repeat the process with a new bottle every 10 – 14 days.

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