Sphagnum Moss Growing Medium

Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum Moss is a natural growing medium, an alternative to using traditional methods such as soil. This product is harvested in New Zealand and mainly used for growing exotic Orchids such as the Phaelonopsis, high quality Anthuriums, certain variety of Carnivorous plants such as the Monkey Cup and also specially propagated tropical Ferns.

Available in two pack sizes:-
1) 6 liter pack
2) 12 liter pack

How to use / benefits:-
a) Put dry moss into a bucket of water and let it soak in the bucket for 30 minutes.
b) After 30 minutes, squeeze the excess water and add some into a pot before putting in a plant.
c) The moss helps to hold moisture and maintain humidity for the plant and you do not need to water everyday just alternate days is sufficient.

We are the official agent for Besgrow’s Spagmoss in Malaysia.
Besgrow is the parent brand and the quality mark linking all of our horticultural products together; Orchiata, Barkdeco, Spagmoss and Coir. These products have been backed up by research, rigorous processes and testing with excellent inputs to give you a proven result. When you purchase a Besgrow product you can rely on your product to give you successful results.

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