Fertilizers : Granular

TrioBaja’s selection of compound fertilizers are chemical based. The NPK can be blended into various ratios depending on needs. These blends are to meet plants’ specific needs; some may be nutrient deficient while others require a nutrient boost.


Highly recommended for most types of outdoor flowering plants such as the Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Adeniums, lowland roses , Hydrangeas. Add a pinch and sprinkle around the flowering plant. Feed the plant every two weeks.

Available in the following pack sizes :- (400gm / 1kg /3kg)

Leaves and Fern

Formulated for palm trees, leafy green plants especially outdoor trees, landscape foliage or shrubs and container potted plants. Sprinkle a pinch every 10 to 14 days and water down.

Available in the following pack sizes :- (400gm / 1kg / 3kg)


A complete nutrient for fruit trees, especially mango trees, rambutans, jackfruit, Duku langsat,dragon fruit plants,homegrown papayas and a host of other tropical fruit plants. Recommended to add a teaspoon and sprinkle around the tree/plant. Once a month feeding is enough.

Available in the following pack sizes :- (400gm / 1kg / 3kg)

General Growth

A multipurpose formula fertilizer if your garden has an assortment of small potted plants and mini landscaped shrubs. Perfect for cactus variety too. Sprinkle a pinch from every 10 to 14 days.

Available in the following pack sizes :- (400gm / 1 kg / 3kg)


This heavy duty dose of flowering food is perfect for Bougainvilleas, Adeniums and Chinese New Year variety of Azaleas. To feed the plant, just add a pinch of fertilizers once a month.

Available in the following pack sizes :- (400gm / 1kg / 3kg)


This rather unique blend of granular chemical fertilizer contains only nitrogen which is responsible for the healthy green color of the plants. It is a key part of proteins and chlorophyll, the plant pigment that plays a vital role in photosynthesis. This particular formula is best use for vegetables (mix a little with the other organic formulas) and lush green lawn and landscapes. For lawn, sprinkle a generous amount and water around.

Available in the following pack sizes :- (400gm / 1kg / 3kg)

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