Fertilizer: Box

box fertilizer
Introducing three new products under the Triobaja’s range of fertilizers which comes in an ergonomic box for easier application of fertilizer for your plants. This newly designed box provides improved handling of fertilizers without the use of your hands, is handy and tidy, and easy to store.

Chicken Manure (Pellet)

Triobaja chicken manure is a high quality fertilizer that has been sterilized and heat treated with added beneficial microbe. It provides essential nutrients to young plants and contains trace elements. The pellets act has a slow release mechanism to significantly reduce over-dosage and danger of burning or damaging the roots. This is an organic fertilizer that can be used for all types of plants especially organic gardening.

Leaves ‘N’ Ferns 45

Triobaja’s Flower Inducer fertilizer is formulated to enhance flowering with richer colour and stronger petals. It is suitable for all types of flowering plants.

Flowering 47

Triobaja’s Leaves ‘N’ Ferns fertilizer is formulated to produce a greener, healthier and stronger appearance and structure in leaves and ferns. It is suitable for all types of leafy plants and ferns. Controlled release of nutrients (NPK).

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